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What we offer:

Live feeds for parents to view their child in real time

Sessions for Parents to come and view what we do

Parents Evening

Sign Language

Music Therapy

Communication & Language classes

Visits from Owls and other animals

Reptiles and furry animals

Parents are invited to read to the children

Parents are welcome to help out at the nursery if they would like to participate

Dance sessions

Sports Day

Visits from the emergency services


What your child will be encouraged to achieve

Here at Happy Dayz Nursery, we are all committed to helping your child learn to be independent and to learn life skills. They will become confident learners and able to make friends easily and to communicate their own feelings and thoughts.


The EYFS is a framework that we all work from to ensure your child/children do not fall behind in their learning, so as they do not miss the milestones that are required and the development within their stages of learning. All children are monitored and all this information is logged and used to plan next steps for all children and to also pick up on anything that your child/children may be struggling with.

Your children will learn by having fun and experiences they will enjoy within a friendly and welcoming environment. 

Here at Happy Dayz Nursery, we are all committed in helping your child reach their potential and to grow and learn through the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)

100% of our children over the last 8 years since we have opened have been offered their choice of schools

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