Staff Members at St. Marks Church

Michelle McGrady - Owner/Manager

Taslima Ali - Level 3  childcare Practitioner

Naomi Deacon -level 3 Childcare Practitioner

Brandon Mullen - Level 2 Childcare Practitioner

Kerri Ann Warren - Experience with SEND,  and working towards her Level 3

Suzanne Billington - Level 2 Childcare Practitioner

Staff at St. Marks Church


Taslima Ali


Taslima has been with us for 5 years and has recently completed her Diploma Level 3. She is showing a professional and caring attitude, which the children respond too really well. She would like to become a SENCO within the setting in the future. Taslima is also my assistant with childminding.



Brandon Mullen

Brandon has been with us since September 2020. He has been working with us for a year for his placement from Northampton College. he has gained his level 2 and wanted to come and work with us. He is caring and kind and the children love him. Welcome Brandon!

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Naomi Deacon

Naomi has been working with us since November 2020, She is a Level 3 childcare practitioner. We would like to welcome Naomi into our setting and look forward to working with her in the future.

Kerri-Ann Warren

Kerri-Ann has been working with us since September 2019. She has had experience with adults that have SEND and is also a carer in the community. Kerri-Ann is a kind, caring, and organised member of the team. She is looking into the Diploma level 3 in childcare.

Suzanne Billington

Suzanne has been working with us since May 2021. She has experience working in a nursery setting and has a Level 2 in childcare. Welcome Suzanne!