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Staff Members at St. Marks Church

Taslima Ali - Level 3  childcare Practitioner

Naomi Deacon -level 3 Childcare Practitioner

Michelle McGrady - Level 5 Senior Childcare Practitioner & Manager

Kerri Ann Warren - Experience with SEND,  and working towards her Level 3

Staff at St. Marks Church


Taslima Ali


Taslima has been with us for 5 years and has recently completed her Diploma Level 3. She is showing a professional and caring attitude, which the children respond too really well. She would like to become a SENCO within the setting in the future. Taslima is also my assistant with childminding.



Michelle McGrady

A Level 5 senior practitioner in the early years. Experience with SEND children, and mentor to apprentices within the company. Michelle has nearly 18 years experience with young children and has been a childminder previously before working at the nursery.

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Naomi Deacon

Naomi has been working with us since November 2020, She is a Level 3 childcare practitioner. We would like to welcome Naomi into our setting and look forward to working with her in the future.

Kerri-Ann Warren

Kerri-Ann has been working with us since September 2019. She has had experience with adults that have SEND and is also a carer in the community. Kerri-Ann is a kind, caring, and organised member of the team. She is looking into the Diploma level 3 in childcare.








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